and what to expect...


and what to expect...

1 - Investment

YES, receiving beautiful photos from you wedding day is a given when booking a photographer. But have you considered that you may want more than that? What about the experience? Will you be comfortable getting emotional in front of them?

One thing I soon realised as a wedding photographer is that so many people think they just want great photos. (Of course you'll want stunning shots of your wedding day, that's the whole point, who wouldn't want that?).

But what isn't usually "sold" in wedding packages, is the energy a photographer brings to your day. And this is where I do things differently...

On your wedding day, the vendor you'll be spending the most time with is your photographer. I get to see first-hand all the nerves and excitement before the first look. I witness my couples getting vulnerable throughout their day, sharing funny as heck stories along with stories that pull at your heartstrings and that make you wonder who the hell is cutting onions in here?!

So, let me re-introduce myself: Hi, I'm Emma. Consider me your personal hype girl. :)

I provide a safe space for people to get really personal and deep dive into their feelings, whilst capturing breathtaking photos in the process. I'll help make your day a little less stressful, I'll make sure you're doing ok throughout the day, and just be your ally.

THIS, is the massively unspoken part of wedding photography that really IS essential for you to enjoy your day to the fullest.

My hot tip is: hire a photographer who provides you with a safe space & who is looking out for your best interests!

2 - What it's like working with me

It feels like a hands-on creative collaboration. I'm here to capture and document your story, whether that be on your wedding day or at your session. At times I'll be a fly on the wall, and other times I'll be rearranging the way your dress lays and giving you some prompts for poses.

When we're working together, I want you to feel like you can trust me, and be your most authentic self. I know having a camera pointed at your face can be nerve-wrecking, so I do my best to make the experience the most fun and liberating as possible. I want you to look back at the photos from your wedding or session, and remember how great you felt.

3 - How I approach my work & my style

I value photographs soooo so much. They're a part of our story & heritage. That's why I believe that everyone should have a photographer shoot them at least once in their life. I see photography as an amazing creative outlet for storytelling.

For me to be able to create my best work for you, I need my clients to feel completely comfortable with me. So when you first get in touch with me, I would love to talk with you for about fifteen minutes on the phone, to discuss what you're aiming to capture for your wedding, and if we'd make a great fit.

My favourite way of capturing people's stories is by shooting "documentary" style. That means documenting what I see in real life as it plays out. I want your photos to look like a film that you've pressed pause on. I really enjoy photographing people's love stories, in a poetic and authentic light, with a touch of nostalgia and movement.

When it comes to photo retouching, I like to reproduce the vintage effect of film, with similar colour tones and adding a little grain. I only edit out non-permanent blemishes, such as zits/acne, if I'm asked to. On an ethical basis of self-acceptance and promoting body positivity, I do not (and will not) edit bodies.

4 - Love is love

My business is LGBTQIA+ friendly!

I want all my clients to feel 100% comfortable and safe with me. I believe that everyone is beautiful, whatever their weight, skin colour, religion or sexual orientation.

I serve people from all walks of life. Everyone deserves gorgeous photos paired with their memories.

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