To save you some time, I've rounded up a few questions I often receive & also thrown in a bunch of info I'd personally appreciate if I were inquiring with a photographer. :)

If you can't find what you're looking for here, shoot me an inquiry here and I'll be sure to get back to you within 1-2 business days, Monday-Friday.

Frequent Questions

What are your current availabilities?

My books are currently open for autumn/winter weddings & sessions in 2023 and for 2024.

I'm available stateside in France & internationally. Ask me about my travel packages!

How far out do you take on bookings?

I only take on bookings up to 1 year-ish in advance.
I've made this choice as I'm constantly travelling & on the move. I simply don't know what life will throw at me in over 1 year's time nor what cool opportunities will pop up.

That being said, if you're inquiring for a destination wedding in 2025, you can still message me as there's a bit more organising, time & energy needed for such bookings. :)

How far would you travel for our wedding?

I travel internationally.
I'm based in Bordeaux, France & I go wherever people want me to be (and wherever the wind takes me).
I've shot weddings in Australia and Morocco.
I love travelling so let's get organising! Ask me about my travel packages :)

*Certain of my destination packages, such as Australia, are heavily discounted for your benefit.*

For local weddings, I include 3 hour return travel in my packages.

What are the travel costs for a session?

All of my session & wedding packages (excluding mini shoots) include 3 hours travel. (That's 1.5 hrs to get to the wedding & session from my home in Bordeaux, and back). Weddings & sessions involving 3+ hours travel will require a travel quote (& possibly accommodation depending on distance/location).

Ask me about this in your inquiry :)

How would you describe your photo & editing style?

My favourite way of capturing people's stories is by shooting "documentary" style. That means documenting what I see in real life as it plays out. I want your photos to look like a film that you've pressed pause on. I really enjoy photographing people's love stories, in a poetic and authentic light, with a touch of nostalgia and movement. When it comes to photo retouching, I like to reproduce the vintage effect of film, with similar colour tones and adding a little grain.

What's the booking process like for a session?

When you reach out to me, we'll set a time & date for the session along with a location. I'll send through a contract and an invoice - I require a 50% retainer upon booking.
I like to dig deep on what you're after for your session. We can mood board it out on Pinterest, too, if that's your thing! We'll also talk outfits. I'll give some advice based on the aesthetic of the session and the vibe we're going after.

The day of the session, I do my best to create a safe space for you to be comfortable and to document what you love.

No experience is required in terms of posing, as this is your story we're documenting, and there's no need for a script for that. I'll give plenty of prompts for posing along the way. I also love capturing people in movement.

The final payment is required the day of the session.

After the session, I'll go through all the photos and curate a beautiful online gallery for you within 4 weeks, that you'll be able to download in both high resolution & web format (perfect for your instagram feed!). I tend to shoot heaps so I'm quite generous in terms of the number of photos I deliver ;)

When viewing your online gallery you'll have access to my online gallery where you'll be free to shop away to your heart's content for fine art prints, murals, and much much more... Easy as!

When will I get my photos back?

My turn-around is 4 weeks after your wedding or session.

Can I get my wedding photos back sooner?


If you're the type of person who hates waiting and is too keen to get their hands on their photos within 7 days of their wedding, you have the option to purchase my express delivery as an add-on. That way you can quickly get to posting all those memorable shots across your socials & with your loved ones who weren't able to make it to your wedding. ;)

Ask me about it when you send through your inquiry, and I'll send you my Pricing & Information Guide with all the info.

What do you edit out of your photos?

I only edit out non-permanent blemishes, such as zits/acne, if I'm asked to. On an ethical basis of self-acceptance and promoting body positivity, I do not (and will not) edit bodies.

This applies to both sessions & weddings.

Can you send me the RAW/unedited version of the photos?

No, I only deliver the final edited photos. An unedited/raw photo is unfinished work and I never send off unfinished work. ;)

Are your prices negotiable?


I can't find an answer to my question here

Shoot me an inquiry from my Contact page and I'll be sure to answer your question within 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday).

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